Meet Service Manager, Annie Moser

| March 12th, 2018

So how does a Puerto Rican-Dominican girl from the South Bronx in NYC end up

in North West Arkansas? She meets a good ol’ country boy from Batesville, Arkansas

and the rest, as they say, is history!


Having moved from a big city, I didn’t know what to expect about where I

would end up working in Fayetteville. How would it compare to my experiences back



That’s when Bordinos came into my life. My husband and I started to look for work

and I saw an ad for Service Manager at Bordinos. I quickly applied and got an

interview and very soon found out my husband had worked for Joe Fennel years ago

and was upset that I applied before he did!


As a kid, I would see movies where someone with a southern accent said

something like “How y’all doin’?” and I said to myself “That’s not real.” I didn’t

believe there was a place where everywhere you went people would smile and say

hello. That you could run into someone in the supermarket and they would remember

that course in school you were taking and ask you how it was going. That you would

get a flat tire and call a gas station and someone would drive to you to help you fix it.

That one of the guests that frequents your restaurant peaks their head into the

manager’s office to say how wonderful everything was and that it was genuine and

heartfelt. I’ve always craved that sense of community and belonging and I found that

here at Bordinos.


So how does it compare to some of the restaurants I worked at in NY? To tell

you the truth, it doesn’t. It’s a whole different beast! Yes, there’s great service. Yes,

there’s fantastic food. Yes, there is phenomenal wine. However, I can’t remember

ever walking into any of my New York restaurant jobs and seeing the owner washing

dishes. I definitely can’t remember an owner walking through the restaurant and

making small talk with everyone including staff members, with attention to personal

details. But I came to find out that’s just how they do it in the south, and especially

Mr. Joe Fennel. He is in a class of his own. It truly has been an honor working for

him. In the year and a half I’ve worked here I have learned invaluable lessons about

what hospitality truly means and how different Southern hospitality can be.

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  1. Jan Griffin says:

    We love Annie, and love visiting with her.

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