Angelina Smith

Special Events Coordinator - Sales and Accounts Specialist

Like many in Bordinos management, Angelina started in the business at a tender age working at Jose’s on Dickson, Joe Fennel’s first restaurant. She was 17 when she started that job, became a hostess at Bordinos at age 19, and was named the Event Coordinator 10 years later after working various positions.

Angelina worked part time at Bordinos while studying interior design at the University, but eventually decided that restaurant management was the career path for her. Today she oversees the reservations for four private dining rooms, and books, plans and coordinates all off-site catering.

Bordinos in-house events generally accommodate 12 to 85 diners, and off-site events can be as large as the TheaterSquared Sustainer’s Gala, a three-course dinner for 300 guests that the restaurant has catered for the past five years. Another big event is the Winemaker’s Dinner at the Walton Arts Center during the Art of Wine Festival, a six-course meal with wines and synchronized serving for 250 guests. 

At the really tender age of seven, her son Ezra seems to be following in his mom’s footsteps. “He knows how to clock in and already considers himself a Bordinos employee.”

Favorite Bordinos entrée: “Probably the Chicken Marsala, it’s really good, or the duck breast. “

Favorite Bordinos beverage: “Rose´s, all rose´s. Erin introduced them to me.”

Favorite thing about Bordinos: ”It’s always a challenge, but it’s always fun and it always works out in the end. Restaurant service is like a dance. Sometimes you never know what the next move will be, but you just have to go with the music.”