Matthew Barclay

Executive Chef
Bordinos, Matthew Barclay

Matthew manages a staff of 25 and described his chief duties as  “putting the people in the back in a position to be successful so we can create a culinary destination for our guests out front.” He started working here at age 17, scrubbing pans and learning the trade from some of early chefs that put Bordinos on the culinary map.

One of his first moves after being named Executive Chef was to create a new menu that lists local farms and co-ops that provide much of the fare served at Bordinos. “We source locally whenever possible, and I think it’s important to recognize and support local farmers while letting diners know where they food is coming from and how it’s grown and raised.”

His love of cooking goes back to his childhood when was watching cooking shows by Julie Childs and Jacques Pépin.  “I was the kid who was always excited about dinner, and that excitement is still there.  I like putting a big plate of food and a glass of wine in front of someone and just letting them enjoy, relax and not worry about anything. I know what a really good meal can do for people.”

Favorite Bordinos entrée: “I like the duck and the lamb, but the Ricotta-Chévre Gnocchi is probably my favorite. And after 15 years here, I still like the wild boar sausage.”

Favorite Bordinos beverage: “I’m not much of a drinker, mostly I like the iced coffee.”

Favorite thing about Bordinos: “The pace and the energy of being in a busy restaurant is very special.  The noise, the laughter and the environment we create. I can feel it in the back; I don’t have to walk out here to know people are enjoying the experience.  I have a passion for food and really get a kick out of feeding the community.”